Can I apply for membership anytime?

Associate and Community Membership are accepted anytime!  Tiaso accepts applications for Full Membership in January of each year.

Do I have to be a member to use Tiaso services?

No. However, Tiaso members pay less for services.

How much does a membership cost?

Full Membership is $1200/year, Associate membership is $120/year, and Community membership is $60/year.

Can I join for just one month?

Tiaso memberships last for one year.  If you want to try out services, you can do that without becoming a member.

Can I volunteer to serve on the Board?

Only Full Members are eligible to serve on the Board. 

Is Tiaso a non-profit?

No, Tiaso is a cooperative. 

What is a cooperative?

A cooperative belongs to the people who use it—people who have organized to provide themselves with the goods and services they need. These member-owners share equally in the control of their cooperative. 

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