• Work in, for, and with community.
  • Respect the wisdom and dignity of others.
  • Pursue excellence, consistency, and completion.
  • Cultivate inclusivity, compassion, and awareness.
  • Encourage agility, honesty, and deep listening.

board of directors

Tiaso Artist Cooperative is member-owned and operated. A Board of Directors is elected from the Tiaso Full Membership.


Valerie Martínez, President

Valerie Martínez is an accomplished poet, experienced educator, collaborative artist, and creative organizer who is committed to leading a wide range of community engagement programs to strengthen individual voice and facilitate community capacity for change and self-determination. 

Carlos Contreras, Vice-President

Carlos Contreras is a poet, visual artist, creative producer, master organizer and natural collaborator who facilitates and promotes the power of creativity in and across communities.

Michelle Otero, Treasurer

Michelle Otero is a writer, performer, and teacher who utilizes creative expression and storytelling as the basis for organizational development, building community connection, and positive social change. 

Hakim Bellamy, Member

Hakim Bellamy, Albuquerque’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2012-14), is a poet, performer, journalist, educator, and self-proclaimed “adventure capitalist” who harnesses creative expression to activate ideas and inspire action through local, national, and international projects. 

Molly Luethi, Member

Molly Luethi is an educator and co-owner of Kei & Molly Textiles, a printing studio dedicated to producing artisan-quality fabric goods as well as a vehicle to develop good jobs in the Albuquerque community. 

Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sánchez, Member

Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez is an experienced and optimistic facilitator, diligent organizer, and creative collaborator who works at intersections of arts, education, and community. 


about us

What? Tiaso Artist Cooperative is a member-owned, member-run cooperative that nurtures the work, sustainability, and positive impact of artists, creatives, and cultural workers. 

Why? Because the creative work of artists, creatives, and cultural workers is critical to building, nurturing, and maintaining healthy communities. 

How? Tiaso Coop provides planning, administrative, financial support, event, and promotion services within a supportive and engaged community of peers.





 Full Members:

 Associate Members:

Supporting Members:

TIASO staff


Dr. Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez 
Project Manager

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