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Tiaso members are part of an active and engaged circle of artists committed to fostering positive change, elevating the impact of arts and artists, and building services and projects that benefit members and the wider community.

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member news


Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Event

CABQ Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs Event 

 The Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs held community engagement sessions across eleven immigrant and refugee communities in Albuquerque. The sessions were designed and led by leaders from the respective communities. On Sunday, August 6 from 5:00 - 7:30pm, there will be a culminating event, Making Albuquerque Home, at the UNM Continuing Education building. The event is an opportunity for dialogue and to share what was learned through the community engagement sessions.

(Our amazing Tiaso member Michelle Otero is the Community Engagement Coordinator for the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.)


Morning Glory

Artful Life Completes 'Morning Glory' Shade Structure

Morning Glory is a new public artwork in the International District! This remarkable project led by Artful Life was co-envisioned and co-designed by over 130 community members in the International District in 2014. Learn more about how this work was made on the Artful Life website. 

learn more >



Water Guardian MuralKei and Molly Retail Space - Now Open!

Kei and Molly have a new studio and retail space!  If you haven't had a chance to see their beautiful location, stop by Wednesday – Friday from 10a – 5p. Their store is located at 4400 Silver Ave SE.

learn more >




member Websites



Valerie Martinez,  Artful Life >

Hakim Bellamy, Beyond Poetry Ink >

Kei Tsuzuki & Molly Luethi, Kei and Molly Textiles >

Elsa Menendez, Tricklock Theatre Company >

Shelle VanEtten de Sanchez Ph.D., Women & Creativity >

Carlos Contreras, Immastar Productions >
Michelle Otero 



    Juli Hendren, Tricklock Theater     Company >

    Vikki Bolen, Little Bird de Papel >

    Julianna Kirwin, Artist Website >

    Heather Bradley, Found on 4th > 

    Viviette Hunt, artAttendant >

    Andrew Fearnside, Artist Website >

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